How to Keep My Divorce Private

Mediation is an option when one or both parties are concerned with privacy during divorce. In divorce mediation, there are:

  • No public court hearings;
  • No depositions;
  • No submissions of evidence;
  • No courtroom testimony;
  • No discovery.

To further maintain privacy, in mediation, we can file your divorce documents in a different county so nothing is filed with your local court.

All negotiating is done confidentially in the mediator’s office. The mediator will help both parties come to an agreement on the pertinent issues which will then be drafted into a Marital Settlement Agreement. This agreement will then be signed by a Judge and filed with the Court. This is an excellent option for high-profile clients who do not want their financial information to be public knowledge. But you don’t have to be a millionaire to want your financial affairs to be kept private. By mediating, you prevent your financial information from being subject to cross-examination, you won’t have to have a public hearing or a trial. Mediation is the best divorce option to keep your personal information safe and private.

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